Warranty Registration

[Warranty Claim Procedure]
  • Power House requires all warranty claims must be accompanied by the Service Contact Form.
  • To assist us in swift processing of the claim, we require the claimant’s help to understand the environment in which the unit was installed and operated.  Photo images are appreciated and may be requested by Power House.
  • Warranty Claims will not be accepted unless a complete unit is returned (motor, brackets, propeller, power cord).
    Some components are essential in order to properly diagnose potential causes of failure.
    Unless otherwise instructed, you do not need to ship the float or control panel with the unit.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ship and pay freight to Power House or an Authorized Service Center.
    Find an Authorized Service Center that best suits you.
  • Ensure to properly pack unit with appropriately sized box, packing peanuts/bubble wrap etc.
    Power House is not responsible for shipping damage accrued in return shipment.
  • Once the unit has been evaluated, Power House will contact you to discuss cause of failure, possible corrections needed, and timeline of repair.

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