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There is a great need for Oyster Farmers to control their rate of water flow in their floating upweller systems (FLUPSY).  Whether it’s to turn down the flow rate in winter to reduce amperage and still provide oxygen, or to avoid a seed blowout, and then easily turn up the speed to make them beach ready.
Due to this need, The Power House, Inc. is proud to introduce the Vari-Speed Axial Flow System.  
Made up of the Vari-Speed Control Panel, and Vari-Speed Ice Eater, this new axial flow system will allow you to pump more water, use fewer amps, and give you direct control of your water flow.
This is the only system on the market allowing you to vary the speed of the water flow while staying plugged into a 115V GFI protected outlet.

The Ice Eater continuously pulls water out of the central trough of the Floating Upweller System, drawing water from each silo, and as a result creating flow through the seedbed providing nutrients to the oysters.
The Vari-Speed Axial Flow System allows you to change the speed of the motor, giving you control of the amount of water the Ice Eater circulates.  


Our brand new Vari-Speed Axial Flow System is specifically engineered for Oyster Farms making it ideal for Floating Upweller Systems (FLUPSY)


  • Simple Start/Stop button with a run indicator.
  • Dial for decreased or increased flow allows for simple operator setup.
  • Load reactor provides protection from motor issues (i.e., jammed propeller, motor failure, etc) and creates clean, constant power.
  • 6’ pigtail plugs directly into a standard 115V GFCI outlet
  • Twist Lock plugs directly into Vari-Speed Ice Eater
  • 2-year warranty


  • 1 Horsepower motor with a single propeller able to push 0 – 1,379 gallons per minute.
  • Due to the 3 Phase motor, this 1 horsepower unit uses less power than the P750 Ice Eater, making it more efficient and cheaper to operate.
  • No Capacitor means Greatly Increased System Reliability
  • Running amperage at full speed is 6.2 amps and reduced speeds as low as 1.2 amps.
  • Water Circulation with Little to No Bottom Turbulence
  • Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes & Dielectric Lubricating Fluid are Incredibly Environmentally Friendly
  • Salt Water Compatible
  • Excellent Shallow Water Operations
  • 30 Amp Twist Lock plugs directly into Vari-Speed Control Panel
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Control panel and transformer are mounted to a 23.5″ x 23.5″ black UV protected HDPE plate so that you can easily mount the control panel to a flat surface beside the FLUPSY.
  • Connect Vari-Speed Ice Eater to the Vari-Speed Control Panel with twist lock plugs.
  • Plug Vari-Speed Control Panel into a standard 115V GFCI outlet.
  • Press “Start”
  • Control the desired flow with the simple turn of a knob.
  • Decrease or Increase the flow as required.


  • Install only one Vari-Speed Ice Eater to the Vari-Speed Control Panel.
  • You cannot use existing single phase Ice Eaters.


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