For over 20 years,

Oyster Farmers have been buying a standard Ice Eater to operate their floating upweller system (FLUPSY).
Very little has changed since the original A Low Cost Floating Upweller Shellfish Nursery System guide was written by Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program in the early 1990’s.
Over the past year, we stopped and asked the question “how can our product better suit the farmer’s needs?”  We received terrific insight from farmers, especially Hooper’s Island, and learned farmers needed a variable speed system which could be dialed back or ramped up depending on the stage of their oysters.

With that in mind;

Power House worked with some fantastic engineers from WEG, using some of the latest variable frequency drive technology, and the Vari-Speed was born.

So with the help of oyster farmers and WEG, we can now provide MORE FLOW, MORE FOOD, AND MORE GROWTH, significantly reducing their production time, and taking the common FLUPSY into the 21st century.

Simply put, this is a 3-phase motor operating in an axial flow system.  However, what separates it from anything else on the market is that this variable speed motor can run on a standard 115V GFCI protected outlet.  No one else is doing this yet!

*We would like to thank Tom Kiefer with WEG Commercial Motors and John Eblacker with WEG Electric Corp. for all of their help to make this possible.

The Vari-Speed is a versatile addition to the Power House line of equipment and makes available the necessary control for a key element to our aquaculture operation.   Coupling a powerful 1 HP motor to a speed reducing dial allows us to place very small spat into Floating Upweller systems early in the culture season and prevents displacement, rumbling and ejection of the seed.  Dialing the flow upwards as the animals grow is effortless and makes tailoring the seston rate to spat volume possible.  Thank you Power House for adding innovations to a product that has been the backbone of our nursery system for the past 20 years.

| KIM TETRAULT |Community Aquaculture Specialist

I now have flow rate flexibility. I can dial it down when a seed is small and gradually turn up the flow speed as the seed grows. This is a huge improvement for my operation. I plan on upgrading all of my Flupsy units to the new Vari-Speed motors this winter.

| TROY MORRIS | Owner of Calm Cove Shellfish



  • Simple Start/Stop button with a run indicator.
  • GFCI provides operator protection from electrical system
  • Dial for decreased or increased flow allows for simple operator setup.
  • Reduces Vari-speed electrical harmonics back to customer’s electrical system.
  • Load reactor provides protection from motor issues (i.e., jammed propeller, motor failure, etc) and creates clean, constant power.
  • 6’ pigtail plugs directly into a standard 115V GFCI outlet
  • Twist Lock plugs directly into Vari-Speed Ice Eater
  • Works with any 3 phase motor up to 1 horsepower.
  • Vari-Speed Control Panel is 23 1/2 x 23 1/2 (Ships separately from Ice Eater).
  • 2-year warranty



  • 1 Horsepower motor with a single propeller able to push 0 – 1,379 gallons per minute.
  • The 3 phase motor uses less power than the P750 Ice Eater, making it more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Running amperage at full speed is 6.2 amps and reduced speeds as low as 1.2 amps.
  • Water circulation with little to no Bottom turbulence.
  • Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes & Dielectric Lubricating Fluid are Incredibly Environmentally Friendly.
  • Salt Water Compatible
  • Excellent Shallow Water Operations
  • Twist Lock plugs directly into Vari-Speed Control Panel
  • 1 Year Warranty

How it works

The Ice Eater continuously pulls water out of the central trough of the Floating Upweller System, drawing water from each silo, and as a result creating flow through the seedbed providing nutrients to the oysters. The Vari-Speed Axial Flow System allows you to change the speed of the motor, giving you control of the amount of water the Ice Eater circulates.


Step 1

Control panel and transformer are mounted to a 23.5″ x 23.5″ black UV protected HDPE plate so that you can easily mount the control panel to a flat surface beside the FLUPSY.

Step 2

Connect Vari-Speed Ice Eater to the Vari-Speed Control Panel with twist lock plugs.

Step 3

Plug Vari-Speed Control Panel into a standard 115V GFCI outlet and press “START”.

Step 4

Control the desired flow with the simple turn of a knob. Decrease or Increase the flow as required.

Installation Notes
  •  Install only one Vari-Speed Ice Eater to the Vari-Speed Control Panel.
  • You cannot use existing single phase Ice Eaters.


  • Vari-Speed Control Panel

  • Variable Speed Ice Eater: Model VS1000

  • Propeller Preview

    Propeller: P1000 (20000)

  • Screen Kit installed

    Screen Kits

  • Anode

    Aluminum Alloy Anode


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