I was away for 2 weeks in NY when the cold front hit in late January. I knew the temps here were in the single digits and called my marina for a conditions update. They reported skim ice. When I returned a few days later on a Tuesday the solid block of ice around my boat was 6 to 8 inches thick. This was a first for me – I was nearly in tears over the sight. I researched and found that your product was the best on the market — and OMG it was located less than an hour from my house!! I purchased and plugged it in on wed and by Friday the 8″ block of solid ice encasing my family member had disappeared!!! Thank you for a well built fantastic product!!!! – Glen Darby

My wife and I have been engaged in fish farming (aquaculture) for over 18 years. When we first started, we purchased and compared several leading manufactured pond aerators and chose The Power House for use in our operation. Why? We found they are very energy efficient with low power consumption and have an excellent oxygen transfer rate. The are portable – easily moved and placed into operation by one person, making them ideal for emergency aeration. They are well constructed, easy to maintain and designed to operate for many years. They have proven to be very dependable and a wise investment.<p “=””>Today we rely on 23 Power House F750 and F1000 dual prop aerators for primary aeration in support of fish production and to keep our fish healthy. Several of our older aerators have been operated during the summer and winter months for 12 years with minimal maintenance cost.<p “=””>We’ve been so impressed with the performance of The Power House aerators that we highly recommend and sell them to our customers. As a customer and distributor, I have found first-hand that The Power House, Inc. has a firm commitment to customer satisfaction through friendly service and support.<p “=””>Robert Hines, Country Fish Farm, LLC<p “=””>Producer and distributor [for] 2 species of warm water fingerling, stocker and adult size fish for recreational pond and lake stocking in Missouri.

I have been using your P750 Ice Eater for the past 4 years and find it works more effectively than those I purchased from other manufacturers. The Ice Eater keeps a larger area free of ice and used up to 6Kw less power per day. Taken over a 4 month period this is a savings of 21,600Kw.Frank L. Keeter Campbellford, Ontario, Canada


 I purchased the 750 Ice Eater last fall after spending over $1,000 on repairs to my large (42’X36’) double-slip floating dock, sundeck, jet ski floats and bridge at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. The lake froze solid for the first time in nearly 20 years during the winter of 2009-2010. I figured that by buying the Ice Eater, I would ensure that the lake wouldn’t freeze again for another 20 years. Wrong! The lake froze solid again this past winter. The Ice Eater performed beyond my expectations! I had some apprehension about exactly where to position the unit and finally decided to hang it in the slip closest to the center of the dock on the lake side. It kept open water on all four sides in a diameter of nearly 80 feet from the unit (exceeding your chart). The Ice Eater payback for me was less than one season, and the best “insurance” I ever purchased. Plus, I don’t have the hassle of scheduling dock repairs and having to wait to put out my boats and jet skis. This is a quality product that does what it promises.Thanks.Dave K.

We at Pond Perfections Inc. are always looking for the best products for our customers. Power House fountains have always performed top of their class with us. For 8 years we have relied on Power House for aerating fountains made heavy duty for years of dependable service.<p “=””>From the buoyant floats and powerful motors to the 14 gauge heavy electrical cords, the F1000F fountains are an easy sell. Having a pleasant sight and sound they are easy to ship and install anywhere, making it a very customer friendly unit. After the F1000F is installed we receive many positive comments on algae control, water clarity, and improved enjoyment while swimming or socializing.<p “=””>The new LED lighting is a real hit with customers wanting to add color to their surroundings at night. Thanks Power House for a strong product that makes us look good.
Yours Truly,
Bob Willard

Owner of Pond Perfections Inc.

I live in a 20’ x 40’ flat bottom, 3-story water home on the Hudson River in Nyack, New York. It’s in a marina that could be deeper at low tide and it’s almost sitting in the mud. The other day, because of poor judgment on my part, the wind shift and the outgoing tide, my boat sat on one of your Ice Eaters. Model P750 to be exact, the Ice Eater was completely driven into the mud and stopped. Being a smart fellow when I discovered what had happened, I unplugged it. A few hours later when the tide came in I pulled it up and scooped the mud out of it. I assumed it had given its life for the case, however, out of curiosity, I plugged it in. Well, it came back to life and spit mud all over me so now I had another lesson in humility. I then re-hung it properly and it continued to work until the temperature rose above freezing. Just wanted to let you know that you have great product even when operated by a less than competent boat owner. 

Jerry Donnellan 

I want to thank you personally from me and the members of City Point Yacht Club for exceptional service that you provided when we developed problems with our Ice Eater units. When I initially contacted you regarding the faulty brackets on your Ice Eaters your response was immediate and positive, which was greatly appreciated. You immediately sent us new brackets. Shortly thereafter it was determined that all the brackets on the units would have to be replaced. You again responded in a positive, can do attitude. Initially, it was discussed to have all 13 units sent back to you for repair however you stated that in order to expedite the repair process your would be happy to drive from Maryland to Connecticut with all the necessary parts to repair the faulty units. This type of customer service is unheard of in today’s world.
Louis A. DiLella

Trustee, City Point Yacht Club

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you at The Power House, Inc for your dependable Ice Eater. What a machine. I cover 1500ft of poles, jetties, and pier on the worst of winters in this neck of the bay without any loss. I took the liberty to send you 2 shots so you can see for yourself the performance it does. – Ice in our marina was 6”.
Thank you, Ben

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