Olympus Series Display Fountains


Two multi-layered bottom crowning patterns are divided by a single center spray in this 3-tier display.

Olympus Series Display Fountains


Our most popular option
Sixteen angled sprays surround the base, while eight taller trumpeting streams fill the center.

Olympus Series Display Fountains


The costs of installation and maintenance of elaborate fountain systems in concrete ponds and decorative pools can become quite expensive. We’ve solved this issue by utilizing the simplistic nature of our low cost, low maintenance .33HP Olympus Series Display Fountain. We removed the oat, mounted it to a custom designed PVC base and brought it to the world of shallow water. This new fountain can sit stationary in water as shallow as 18″, and we offer 6”, 12”, and 18” extensions to allow for depths up to 36”.

There are 3 exclusive nozzles specifically made for narrow fountains, but all of our traditional .33-HP Olympus nozzles look great on our Fixed Base Shallow Pond Fountain!

(2) 6-Watt White LED or (3) 3-Watt Color Changing LED Fountain Light Sets are available as well.


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