Two multi-layered bottom crowning patterns are divided by a single center spray in this 3-tier display.


Our most popular option Sixteen angled sprays surround the base, while eight taller trumpeting streams fill the center.


Four clusters of angled outside streams create a majestic crowning effect that surrounds four taller center streams.


Two very distinct tiers, Aurora’s low lying umbrella & high rising center trumpet streams create a lovely daffodil profile


Simple in design, Eros’ classic crowning profile not only provides elegance, but heavy consistent streams of water flow throughout the entire body.


Maintaining its balance and symmetry the 10 heavy streams create a strong full bodied geyser


Sixteen angled streams combine to create a modern take on an industry mainstay, the classic circular-V pattern.


Three strong tiers carry heavy streams of water to form this trident-like upward bodied pattern.


Eight heavy 45 degree streams surround a single center geyser to create Poseidon’s lotus-like pattern.


Back by popular demand! Combining aesthetics with aeration, the Zeus creates a striking pattern with a heavy, full-bodied spray.

Since 1976, The Power House, Inc. has manufactured durable, dependable, energy-efficient equipment that serves the marine, aquaculture, golf course, wastewater, & landscaping industries with diligence & without fail.
Never straying from our belief in building simple, reliable, and cost-effective equipment; we focused our efforts to add the Olympus Series Display Fountains to The Power House, Inc. line.
Without sacrificing height or diameter, Our Olympus Series Display Fountains are sturdy and efficient. These fountains are so unique in beauty we named each after a Greek God.
Our display fountains offer elegance to your pond with a choice of ten beautiful patterns. Our exceptional design and construction can produce stunning patterns with significantly less horsepower and amperage than our competitors; which means lower operating costs for you.
Out of the box, and into the water; each unit is shipped ready to install and easy to maintain.

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