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Flo-Ration, built to outperform the traditional paddle wheel, is unlike anything else on the market. With Flo-Ration, we have a viable tool for those needing more than just one solution to maintain health and productivity. Flo-Ration is a multi-positional aerator, designed to change angles depending on your needs. 

HOW IT WORKS: Unlike the traditional paddlewheel, which just moves the first few inches of water into the air, the Flo-Ration draws water upward from below the surface, through the cylinder and, depending on the angle, creates a better water ow or breaks the surface of the water column to transfer more dissolved oxygen.






SOTR: 2.35 Lb_O2/hr

Great for smaller bodies of water. A single unit is perfect for 1 acre of water or less.
Water is continuously circulating, giving this aerator the ability to destratify and create high levels of dissolved oxygen for your pond.






45 Degrees
SOTR: 2.35 Lb_O2/hr

The aerator is always churning up new water and forcing freshly oxygenated water out to other parts of the pond, easily generating enough oxygen for 1-3 acres of water. For larger bodies of water consider placing several in a row for even better current flow.







Pumping at an incredible 1,379 gallons of water per minute. The main function of this position is to create a turbulent current and constant movement within the waters that are often too calm to maintain healthy aquatic life.

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