The Power House, Inc. aerators are unique in design, superior in construction and outlast competitors’ models. They are suitable for continuous operation in both salt and fresh water.


The Power House, Inc. aerators are ideal for aquaculture and wastewater applications. They are lightweight, easy to install, simple to operate, and backed by a two-year warranty.

High oxygen transfer at an affordable price

Water circulation with little to no bottom turbulence

Portable for fast response to emergencies

 Excellent shallow water operation

 Ideal for supplemental aeration

Salt water compatible

2 Year Warranty
Our units are shipped complete with mooring lines and power cord. Each aerator is comprised of a sealed, submers- ible electric motor, mounted by support brackets in a PVC shroud, which sits on a oat collar that has been custom designed. Attached to the motor shaft is a scienti cally designed nylon axial propeller which propels the water at a
high volume.

Made in the USA.

Shipping notice: FedEx will not ship anything over 70 lbs to a residential address. Dismiss