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We are the Power House

We are The Power House, Inc., a small but motivated company specializing in Fountains, Aerators, and Ice Eaters.
We believe passionately in creating energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, which is why we commit ourselves to give you the best of both.

We have seen a lot

We’ve come a long way and we have seen a lot.  So we have a pretty good idea how to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.








- Where We're Going ->

With the loss of our president and owner, John, tragedy struck The Power House, Inc. in 2017.
Despite any uncertainty our customers and distributors may have had, you all stuck by us, and John would have been very proud of the accomplishments Power House has seen since he passed.
We are excited to announce that Power House has just become bigger, better, and bolder.
On February 1, 2019, Power House was bought by Bearon Manufacturing, LLC.

Bearon is a component supplier producing extraordinary complex castings and they have supplied Power House with critical components for the last 35 years. When searching for a buyer, it was essential for us to find a company whose philosophy and values aligned with our own and we knew Power House would be in good hands once Bearon expressed interest in acquiring us. 

This merger truly means great things are in store for Power House and the industries we serve. We will have significantly more resources available for engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing.  Bearon will be able to help expedite the launch on several of our latest products and expand our reach as we move toward more international markets. The best part is Power House will not be going anywhere. Our customers will continue to work with the same dedicated team they have known and trusted for years, and now any concern about what may happen is squashed. 

All of us at Power House look forward to being a part of the Bearon family.

Stay tuned for what’s to come and take a look at what the future holds for this company!

Keep Getting Better

Not wavering from our mission statement, The Power House, Inc. has developed and built many new and more energy efficient units. The first Ice Eaters were 1/3-hp units that drew 12.5 Amps. Today we produce a 1-hp unit that operates at 8.2 Amps at 115V, (4.1 Amps at 230V), and generates more than 1,150 gallons of water flow per minute.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We were the first company to use environmentally friendly dielectric lubricating fluid instead of hydrocarbon-based oil in all our products. We use only the finest materials available in the production of our MADE IN THE USA equipment. We refuse to cut corners just to save a few dollars.

Leading the Charge

The Power House, Inc. is proud to announce that we will be transitioning away from Zinc Anodes to Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes.
The Aluminum Anodes do not have cadmium in their alloy like the zincs and do not pose a threat to the environment.  They are made under US MIL-DTL-24779B 

Pontoons now available for Ice Eaters

Ice Eaters can now be retrofitted to mount to The Power House, Inc.’s Flo-Gen pontoon.
Mallard View Outdoors stand is perfect for all of your shallow water needs, but this pontoon is perfect for duck hunting in depths too deep for the Mallard View Outdoors stand.
So make sure to choose The Power House Inc.’s pontoon for when you need to go deeper than 4′.

Variable Speed Upweller

— Coming Soon —

The Power House, Inc. is introducing a perfect alternative to current floating upweller systems, “flupsy, for oyster farms.
This new system can be tuned down from a 1 Horsepower system to a 1/4 Horsepower system with just a simple twist of a dial.
You will no longer need to control the speed of the flupsy by swapping out The Power House, Inc.’s Ice Eater sizes.  Now you will just need one unit.
Make sure to choose the new Variable Speed Upweller for all of your oyster flupsy needs.

Quick Disconnect for all Olympus Fountains

— Coming Soon —

The Power House, Inc.’s Olympus Fountains will soon be made available with quick disconnect power cords.
These new cords will make it much easier to transport and install during initial setup and replace the cord without splicing if needed in the future.

- Where we started -

PATENT # 4247261

39 years ago, The Power House, Inc. was awarded a US Patent for our flagship product, The Ice Eater.
The original deicer used a .33 HP motor that drew 11.5 Amps.  Today we have a 1HP that operates at 7 Amps.


Unique Melting Methods

The Ice Eater had a unique method of melting existing ice and preventing further ice build-up around boats and piers.
With the ability to direct water flow through its venturi design, the Ice Eater began to change the landscape of the boating industry.
Marina owners no longer needed to haul all of their boats out of the water during winter months. They finally had a viable option other than the unreliable compressor systems.


Dependable Insurance Policy

The original goal of The Power House, Inc. was to provide a dependable, affordable and energy efficient “insurance policy” for marinas, waterfront property and boat owners.

Why risk losing an expensive dock to a hard winter freeze or seeing your expensive boat damaged or destroyed by ice if someone offered a simple and reliable solution?

Stops Fish Kills

In June of 1986, a person complaining about fish kills on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay prompted us into action.
We designed a flotation collar to go around the Ice Eater and created our first surface aerator.  The first day we began operating the Ice Eater in her creek was the last day any fish died. By the end of the summer, species of fish that hadn’t been seen in a decade were returning.

We sent a sample of our product to Auburn University to be independently tested. Shortly after receiving impressive results, we began selling our equipment as surface aerators to the fish farming industry.  Our goal was to produce the most effective aerator for generating the highest volume of oxygen transfer at the least cost of purchase and operation as possible.






















In Honor of Bubba

June 18, 1947 – June 26, 2017


S. John “Bubba” Blumenthal, our previous owner, passed away in June 2017.  The Power House, Inc. lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world lost a fascinating human being.  Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Bubba lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor.
He left behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of The Power House, Inc.



We will honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to continuing the work he was passionate about. The Power House, Inc will remain committed to providing you with durable, dependable, energy-efficient equipment that has served the marine, aquaculture, golf course, wastewater, and landscaping industries diligently and without fail.







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